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Black Coat Casino

the Organization fan community

the Thirteenth Order community
Castle Oblivion
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You saw them in Chain of Memories. You've seen them in every magazine coverage since coverage started on KH2 and CoM. You saw concepts of them when you beat the snot out of Hades, locked every world, and saved every last puppy. You got an up-close and personal introduction to one if you ever played KH: Final Mix. You got a good look at the forerunner for survival, with his rings of fire and the insanity in his smile. They say it's all for research on the heart. And their story will begin and end in KH2.

Why let it end there?

Name Origins: They wear black coats. One of them is a gambler. Seven's a lucky number in gambling. There are seven members remaining in KH2 (if we conveniently ignore He Who Defected, because not a member anymore anyway).

A community dedicated to the boys and girl in the black overcoats, Organization XIII! Or the Thirteenth Order, XIII Order, the Org, et cetra et cetra. Apparently they can't decide on a name. Pity.

Nine members have been confirmed. One is rumor, two are faceless, their leader a mystery. Five are supposed dead, one may have survived, three could come back, or they all could be revived (except now we know they weren't). Poetry in motion.

This comm was created by fans of the Org, for fans of the Org, and hot damn, do we like the Org. But first, the ground rules:

1) Fanworks, we like. Fanworks, we want. Fanworks, we worship. Because there's barely anything Org-related in English when compared to everything else KH. When posting, mark for spoilers of KH2 (if any), warnings, and lj-cut it if posted directly.

1a) If you wanna show off art you found that IS NOT YOURS, provide a link to where one can find it that is NOT direct link to the picture itself. As in, if it ends in .jpg, .gif, .png, et cetra, DO NOT POST IT. But again, this only pretains to artwork that is NOT YOURS. Direct linking to your own works = fine, because it's at your own discretion.

2) Debate all you like, but if it turns into a bitch-fight, it will be intervened, and the one in the wrong will most likely be scolded. This also pretains to cat-fights; please stay calm and civil. Common courtesy should make for common sense.

2a) If it somehow becomes F_Wank fodder, you only have yourselves to blame. *grin*

3) The Golden Rule: when in casual discussion, or making a report pretaining to newly revealed unknown, mark spoilers and lj-cut it. Not everyone is a glutton for spoilers. All revealed names or pictures of the Orggies (or new characters in the game in general), past Luxord are to be kept under wraps. Severely under wraps. Please?

4) The New Rule on the Block: PLEASE. If you want to advertise an LJ community here, could you be a little courteous and ask either fanfare or blackstronghold? If you're not stamped with an approval (which is along the lines of, "this one said it was okay" or "I got permission from that one" somwhere in the post), it's gone. PLEASE.

4a) Images for said advertising? Either nix them, shrink 'em, or smash 'em under a cut please.

...Have fun?

In addition: the game's out in the USA. ....Now what? Spoilers down yonder, for those who still wish the warning. Srsly. They're in the Interest section too.

Thirteen and Falling
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Truly Heart-less?
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No.7&the sea : kh_sacredmoon
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