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26th-Oct-2007 07:49 pm - ESPALION: The New World.

"The discovery of [the New World] was much more than a mere scientific process, [it was] romance, rather than cold speculations of medieval geography, [that] urged men to tempt the dim seas of the West in quest of golden islands seen in dreams."

—Lewis Spence, 1913

Welcome to the New World.Collapse )

An alternative universe, multifadom RPG
combining the age of exploration with steampunk.

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3rd-Oct-2007 09:49 pm - Mwaha. Fiction of another color.
Title: saga of XI: Debt (intermission)
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
- Series: One-Eyed Angle/Carte Blanche Duology
- Characters: Rufus Shinra, Axel
Rating: PG
Notes: I fully accept Axel isn't Reno's Nobody; I don't honestly believe it. But, it's still a treat to integrate it plausibly, and tie up loose ends. For the record, this takes place roughly a year or two before the start of KH1 (placed in time post-Marluxia/pre-Larxene, Org-wise). Rufus? Stuck in his mid-teens. Oh, yes. It's Angle, like the angle of a quadrilateral. 8D Just making that clear.

There wasn't a day that went by where Rufus didn't cry.Collapse )
22nd-Sep-2007 01:35 pm - [ART]
[x-men] perfection
Series: Kingdom Hearts II (AU)
Character: Demyx
Rating: G
Warning: Suggested yaoi mostly because Demyx is reading a love letter from Axel~ デミックス ♥ アクセル

Fake cut to journal!
29th-Jul-2007 03:36 pm - [ART]
[x-men] perfection
Series Kingdom Hearts II
Characters Axel/Demyx
Rating PG
Warning Suggestive/hickies

( I gave you one too!fake cut )
29th-Apr-2007 06:31 pm - Organization LIX is Comin'!!!

Hello everyone at blackcoatcasino! I'm shadow_sasuke, and I'm here representing Organization LIX. We are an Organization-centric audio drama group who love producing crackish comedies for general consumption by other KH fans. This May, we are going to start releasing our work on a wide scale and just to whet your pallet, we have a few samples in the form of these swanky commercials.

DiZ and Xemnas - It's all about the butterknives, baby!!
Axel and Luxlord - Catchphrases
Marluxia, Larxene and Roxas - Everything That's Wrong (don't worry, it's somewhat appropriate).
Larxene and Namine - Fight the Power
Axel and Roxas - Um...it's exactly what you think it is...
Xemnas and Zexion - An unusual situation.
Bonus - Wait...that really happened?

I hoped you enjoyed those and please keep watch for our full releases this May!

If you want to know more, go here: Organization LIX
26th-Apr-2007 05:12 pm - Icons
I felt like making a few icons :3

Final Fantasy VII
[x] Kadaj (2)
[x] Yazoo (3)
Final Fantasy X
[x] Rikku (1)
Kingdom Hearts
[x] Luxord (1)
[x] Marluxia (2)
[x] Saïx (1)
[x] Xehanort (2)
[x] Xemnas (3)
The Lion King
[x] Scar (7)

Be prepared for a chance of a lifetime.

x-posted everywhere
9th-Apr-2007 10:33 pm - icons.
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